San Ramon – 2nd Monthly Car Meet

Canon-Rebel-EOS-T1i-002-January 28th, 2014-

Not long after the San Ramon Quickly reopened from renovations we had the date for our second monthly meet set.  We were unsure what the turnout this time would be like.  Would it be like the first meet?  Would anybody even show up?  Would it be the complete opposite and get out of hand?  We would soon find out.


Anticipating what was just around the corner as I pulled in, I grew anxious.  I hadn’t seen a single other modded ride on the way to the meet.  That seemed a little unusual, given past events.  Soon enough my worries were dropped to the pavement, much like the welcoming committee saving a spot for me right out front.



There were people who had driven however many miles to, again, come to our meet, and that meant something.  The last gathering wasn’t just a fluke.  These people were genuinely excited to group up and shoot the shit with us over some food and drinks.


We did not know them by name but they still arrived, in tandems and trios, to spectate and take part in our meager parking lot plot.




Some we had seen before and snapped a quick shot here and there of their custom rigs, never fully expecting to cross paths again.  A few others we had known but had not expected to drop in on us.  Both were very pleasant surprises.


Oddly enough, we’ve always made room for the local police to make an appearance and gauge the situation at hand.  I can’t easily say what goes through their minds when they stumble upon events like ours.  Just as soon as they appeared though, they were off to patrol the streets again, leaving us to enjoy the night peacefully and without trouble.




After grubbing out we lifted the hatch of my tC and handed out a bunch of LowerLimits windshield banners from the back.  Unfortunately, we ran out of freebies before long but not before getting to exchange names and stories with those that accepted them.  The wheel above and its unique shape was one of the more interesting tales of the night.  That particular story, and the man that revealed it to us, shall remain untold per his request.  We’ll just say it was one for the books.






A surprise guest made his way to the meet that night.  Our good buddy Tony Khauv, owner of MengMotorsports.  We hadn’t seen Tony since the end of last year’s show season, rightly so though, as he’s been hard at work revamping the Meng website and wrestling with his pristine NSX and her new silver shoes.




The very first set of stateside Advan RG3’s  in this fitment belonged on something spectacular, that was for sure.  Tony made sure the set found their way to his doorstep and under his NSX’s fenders.  We finished off the night among friends, new and old, gawking over these four bitching wheels.


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